We live in a modern world and do not want to browse yellow books or newspapers in order to find what we need. Tablets or mobile phones have become our new tools to identify businesses, deals, services and entertainment. Come-2-Portugal provides exactly that and offers exposure for your business across multiple platforms.

Your Online Home

We are not a franchise or associated with any big corporate companies. Come-2-Portugal Is exclusively for Portuguese businesses only!! The concept of an online directory is not new and we are not trying to reinvent the wheel here. However we have added some extra features to make our directory truly unique.

Firstly we are the only directory which gives you a dedicated account with 24 hour access allowing you to make changes or update your listing anytime (at your convenience!) All profiles are search engine optimised to really help boost your online presence and make sure that your business profile isn’t just found with us but also shows up on Google. For a small fee we also have our Booking and Webshop section which allows you to post any special offers or product. You can also add these products directly to your profile, creating a online webshop for your business.

For businesses which accept bookings online, we have integrated Book a Table and Reserve a Stay, allowing potential customers to make bookings directly through your listing.

Online Ads Displayed In Full Screen With No Size Limitations

An ad in the newspaper has limited visibility and reach. Depending how much you want to spend in size and colours, the ad might not translate your advertising message across to the consumer. What can you expect from a tiny 1/16 of a page ad that costs £100’s each time? Chances are high that your ad might not even be noticed.

We don’t limit you on images or description length. We allow you to create a detailed and comprehensive profile helping you to fully showcase your business. Plus with Come-2-Portugal you will have your own account where you can login and update your listing at anytime without the need for any specialist web skills.

Online Ads 24/7 Wherever And Whenever You Want

Come-2-Portugal is available in your pocket. It was designed to be used on tablets, phones or regular computers 24/7/365 days a year, wherever and whenever you want.

Online Ads That Can Be Searched And Found

Getting around in a newspaper can be very annoying. Ads are buried within other content and readers are distracted when they are supposed to register your advertising message. Come-2-Portugal is divided into logical sections and categories making it far easier and far less distracting to discover your business.

Online Ads That Display Your Message 24/7

A newspaper ad provides very little information about your business. It doesn’t tell you how many people have seen your ads, nor does it allow you to be contacted right out of the ad. Come-2-Portugal was designed with one purpose: To Search, Find and Share content.

Online Ads At 1/10th The Cost Of A Newspaper Ad

Placing a regular advertisement in the newspaper can easily add up in cost and expenses that are hard to swallow as a small business owner. In our opinion this represents a huge disadvantage which we hope to resolve with Come-2-Portugal. We are charging a flat rate between € 10.00 and € 25.00 per year which we feel is fair for businesses of all types. This is considerably less than an advertisement in the paper, radio or other forms of media.

Okay, sounds great? Let me see how I can submit my Listing and get the exposure I deserve!

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